Single Figure Golfer (SFG) are delighted to be working with The Jamega Tour for another year to create the SFG Tour for 2019.

The SFG Tour allows golfers with a single figure handicap to play for prizes against fellow amateurs and compete alongside pro's in an exhilarating series of 2 day events on the Mens Jamega Professional golf circuit. This is a unique opportunity for talented amateurs who are considering a career in professional golf.

Who are the Jamega Tour?The Jamega Tour is one of the best Mens Professional Tours in Europe. Now, thanks to our unique partnership, through SFG you can enter and play in Jamega Tour events, earn valuable SFG points in the order of merit and win some fantastic prizes.

What does it cost to enter? - Amateur fees are £125  for adults and  £100 for Juniors (under 18) instead of the Pro price of £229 - £280.

What do I get? - 3 day event. Practice round (usually Sunday) followed by 2 competitive rounds (1st round played within SFG groups then as per the whole leaderboard for 2nd round)

Why should I enter?

  • Entry to a professionally run golf tour
  • Courses set up for professional play
  • Compete against the Pro's
  • Win fabulous prizes from the prize pool

How many events are there? - There are normally around 18 two-day events in the schedule commencing in April. To see the full schedule click here

What prizes can I win? - This season Order of Merit winners can win free entry into any one of the Algarve Pro Tour "Swings" or coaching packages in Vila Sol (Portugal) (3 events)   To see more details of the prize click here.

How do I enter? - Select the Tournament from the schedule, register and complete payment. 


 Come on! Are you up to the challenge?


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Win FREE Golf & Coaching

The winner on each of the 4 mini Order of Merits will win all of this:

A "Swing" series of 4/5 events on the Portugal Pro Golf Tour


An entire Order of Merit in 2020 on The Jamega Tour!


2 Days coaching at The Luke Eggleston Golf Studio in Essex

The Algarve Tour runs from November 2020 until March 2021 and are run on some of Portugals finest courses

Download the 2019/20 schedule from here to see what a great Tour this is



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