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  • The 2019 SFG Tour is split up into 4 mini-order of merits each consisting of between 4 and 5 events.
  • OOM points will be awarded after each event based on a players 2 day gross score (the same as the pros).
  • The leading amateur at the end of each OOM will be awarded a pass to any Portugal Pro Golf Tour "Swings" (3 events) or an alternative coaching package
  • The prize includes all entry fees but does not include accommodation and flights.

The FINAL concluded when Heythrop had to be cancelled so Eoin Leonard was the final OOM winner

 sricon offer slide

The 3rd OOM finished at Park Wood, Congratulations to Junior Nya Fraser Lawrence

Congratulations to Nya who wins all of this

oom3 end


The 2nd OOM finished at Weybrook Park, Congratulations to Danny Goddard

Congratulations to Danny who wins all of this

oon2 finished 2019


OOM1 started on the 15th April 2019 - and concluded on 8th May, Callum Mackay is the first winner of 2019

Congratulations to Callum who wins all of this

oom1 winner


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The winner on each of the 4 mini Order of Merits will win all of this:

A "Swing" series of 4/5 events on the Portugal Pro Golf Tour


An entire Order of Merit in 2020 on The Jamega Tour!


2 Days coaching at The Luke Eggleston Golf Studio in Essex

The Algarve Tour runs from November 2020 until March 2021 and are run on some of Portugals finest courses

Download the 2019/20 schedule from here to see what a great Tour this is



  portugal pro golf tour