Our History

Ireland- 2004 - Eight tourists 500 competitors, 4 Pink SFG shirts.

You have all been on the tour where the fear of wearing the “dope shirt” is in all minds on the first tee and the team event for dinner and drinks becomes more important than the Ryder Cup!.

Well add a whole new dimension- the wearing of a shirt not because you bought it but because you earned it! One that says to your opponent they are going to have to play their best today, because they already know what you are capable of.

Think of a symbol that only four of the eight were allowed to wear and already you can imagine the world of egos, mind games, competition, banter and bragging rites that we had created by simply trying to "wind our fellow tourists up!"

It started with giving the shirts only to those entitled to wear them but not saying why they could or what the initials stood for.
In fact no-one was told and as the days went on every golfer who saw the shirt became curious and wanted to know.

It may also have had something to do with the fact they were bright pink and emblazoned with the words "I'm one are you?" on the back!!  This lead to some interesting nights out in the hotspots of Ireland!

By the end of the tournament we wish we had created the company along with enough shirts to sell to those that wanted them!
SFG was born.

Our Philosophy

Membership of this "club" is not dictated by wealth, money, power or association but is denoted by talent and hard work yet has people from all walks of life who are proud to be members. How you demonstrate your status, whether long held or newly acquired, is your choice. Whether you wish to "wind up" your fellow golfers, intimidate your opposition, show off to the club members in a subtle way, impress the opposite sex or just look and feel good on the course.

On a more serous note you take part in the SFG competitions and tours knowing you will be amongst good golfers on great courses partnered by other SFG’s where low scores will win the day not dubious handicaps! Whatever your reason, you know that you belong to a select number of golfers who have achieved the "Holy Grail” of golf  being a Single Figure Golfer

For those who wish to get there, let us know we want to hear about your efforts so we can support you all the way until you can rightfully wear the shirt. (Don’t forget to send a photo for our gallery and competitions)

The Famous Pink shirt

Many of you will remember and hopefully still have the original Pink SFG shirts and some of you may well still have them with various strap lines emblazoned upon them or just the logo itself!

Times and the company may change but the original shirt which started it all never will!! - Wear it with pride!


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Win FREE Golf & Coaching

The winner on each of the 4 mini Order of Merits will win all of this:

A "Swing" series of 4/5 events on the Portugal Pro Golf Tour


An entire Order of Merit in 2020 on The Jamega Tour!


2 Days coaching at The Luke Eggleston Golf Studio in Essex

The Algarve Tour runs from November 2020 until March 2021 and are run on some of Portugals finest courses

Download the 2019/20 schedule from here to see what a great Tour this is



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