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“Furious activity is no substitute for understanding”

We have spent years doing the first part of the sentence and now have finally arrived at the second, meaning your business can benefit from our journey!

We have been involved with all aspects of the golfing world and though we still have many aspects to our own business, we are increasingly assisting other businesses to develop theirs.

We are not a normal consultancy, as we are still doing it ourselves and not simply advising businesses, whilst taking no risk ourselves.

As opposed to other business development consultancies who offer everything to all markets we do golf – that’s it!

We don’t discuss budget before anything else

We don’t tell you what you want

We don’t tell you everything will work and we definitely don’t tell you everything will be easy.

We do however spend time with you to indentify your objectives, wishes and requirements and then work with you to achieve them efficiently and effectively.

We have experience in every sector of the golf market and members of our team who specialise in them.

As to size we have been the small start up and developed over the years so we know what it’s like at all levels of business

It is those years of developments and subsequent success that means we can identify what  you may need to improve your business and we know a lot of what works and advise you on what doesn't.

We not only undertake marketing and business consultancy for businesses in the golf sector but we like nothing more than becoming part of a delivery team .

This means that you can either simply use us for well focused targeted advice when you need it or you can use us to design and then help deliver your project whatever it may be.

4Ball Media can operate as an extension of your management or delivery team, working on a part-time, distinct project or as a partner in your continuing development.

As marketing consultants we advise on and undertake marketing strategy and marketing plan development, implementation, national internet marketing, search marketing, search engine optimisation, development and design of websites, producing sales, promotional and merchandising material funding.

We presently provide the following services for clients large and small so if you wish to discuss your requirements or just need some simple advice please feel free to call and have a chat (its free and friendly)

•    Client Relationship Management
•    Bespoke events and management
•    Database management
•    Insurance
•    Marketing
•    Media work
•    Promotions
•    Sales
•    Sponsorship
•    Tours
•    Travel

We have worked with:

•    Barrington Ayre
•    Bridgestone
•    Bushnell
•    Druh Clothing
•    Glenmuir
•    Golf clubs
•    Golf Integrated
•    Golf Unions
•    Golf World
•    Golf Monthly
•    Golf International
•    Jamega tour
•    Motocaddy
•    Loudmouth Clothing
•    Moroccan  Tourist Board
•    PowerPlay Golf
•    Srixon

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The winner on each of the 4 mini Order of Merits will win all of this:

A "Swing" series of 4/5 events on the Portugal Pro Golf Tour


An entire Order of Merit in 2020 on The Jamega Tour!


2 Days coaching at The Luke Eggleston Golf Studio in Essex

The Algarve Tour runs from November 2020 until March 2021 and are run on some of Portugals finest courses

Download the 2019/20 schedule from here to see what a great Tour this is



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