2016 SFG TOUR Order of Merit

There are prizes (to be announced soon) for the winner and runner-up on both the Gross and Net OOM. The winners of each will get first choice of what prizes they would prefer.

OOM points are awarded after each event (Gross and Net) against the entire field (including the Pros) and include both days competitive rounds :

This is done initially for the gross position and then calculated for where they would have finished taking their handicap into account for the nett OOM.


SFG TOUR Gross Order Of Merit

Will be here.

SFG TOUR Nett Order Of Merit

 Will be here.


 Order Of Merit Points calculator



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The winner on each of the 4 mini Order of Merits will win all of this:

A "Swing" series of 4/5 events on the Portugal Pro Golf Tour


An entire Order of Merit in 2020 on The Jamega Tour!


2 Days coaching at The Luke Eggleston Golf Studio in Essex

The Algarve Tour runs from November 2020 until March 2021 and are run on some of Portugals finest courses

Download the 2019/20 schedule from here to see what a great Tour this is



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