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Algarve Winter Tour 2015/16

13th Nov Palmares PRO AM
14th/ 15th Nov Palmares 2-day event
17th/ 18th Nov Espiche 2-day event
21st/22nd Nov Palmares 2-day event
2nd/3rd Dec Pinhieros Altos 2-day event
4th Dec Pinhieros Altos PRO AM
5th/6th Dec Pinhieros Altos 2-day event
9th/10th Dec San Lorenzo 2-day event
12th/13th Jan Penina 2-day event
15th/16th Jan Boavista 2-day event
19th/20th Jan Palmares 2-day event
22nd/24th Jan Amendoiera O'Connor 3-day event
5th/6th Feb Palmares 2-day event
9th/10th Feb Boavista 2-day event
13th/14th Feb Boavista 2-day event
16th/18th Feb Palmares

3-day event

5th/6th Mar Qunta da Cima 2-day event
8th/9th Mar Castro Marim 2-day event
11th Mar Castro Marim PRO AM
12th/13th Mar Castro Marim 3-day event
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SFG 2015 Final OoM Places

Final OOM positon GROSS

1 Kevin FLACK Wentworth +2 1775
2 Bradley MOORE Kedlestone Park +4 875
3 Paul McAVOY Harpenden Common 1 725
4 Ashley COLLOFF Broadstone 4 675
5 Jason SAUNDERS Littlestone 0 350

Final OOM Position NETT

1 Kevin FLACK Wentworth +2 1650
2 Ashley COLLOFF Broadstone 4 1450
3 Bradley MOORE Kedlestone Park +4 775
4 Paul McAVOY Harpenden Common 1 725
5 Charlie DURMAN Chingford 2 400